Welcome to Tebay Primary School

At Tebay we have high expectations and aim to inspire all children to develop a love of learning through our curriculum, but also learn to become confident and successful individuals in a changing world.

Our school is rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted. Inspectors said pupils model our values of respect, responsibility and resilience, that the curriculum ‘excites and engages’ children who enjoy learning and that supportive older pupils go the extra mile to help the younger ones.
They added: “Pupils are happy and thrive at Tebay, which is at the heart of this rural community.”

Latest News

TAG rugby

Since returning to school the children have been learning how to play tag rugby during PE lessons. Yesterday we made the most of the lovely sunshine and spent the afternoon practicing all the skills we have learnt this half term.

Science week

This week has been ‘science week’ across the Trust. Within science week class 3 were given a task based around Jack and the Beanstalk. The children had to invent a device Jack could use to get the golden egg down the beanstalk. We then made our prototypes and put them to the test. It was…

Upper Eden Food Bank

Tebay Primary School will once again be supporting Upper Eden Food Bank with ‘Tebay Tin Tuesday’ the bin will be left outside school throughout the school day every Tuesday starting from Tuesday 23rd March. The support we received last year was amazing.