Welcome to Tebay Primary School

At Tebay we have high expectations and aim to inspire all children to develop a love of learning through our curriculum, but also learn to become confident and successful individuals in a changing world.

Our school is rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted. Inspectors said pupils model our values of respect, responsibility and resilience, that the curriculum ‘excites and engages’ children who enjoy learning and that supportive older pupils go the extra mile to help the younger ones.
They added: “Pupils are happy and thrive at Tebay, which is at the heart of this rural community.”

Latest News

Sound Walk

Today class 3 went for a walk around the village. With the help of Dan we listened to and recorded lots of different sounds from the walk. Through headphones and with the help of specialist microphones we could hear sounds we wouldn’t normally be able to, for example sounds under the water in the river.…

Class 1 and 2 – Transport

Class 1 and 2 are learning about transport. They all enjoyed a walk to see the old trains that belong to Freddie’s grandad. Thank you Claire and Freddie for taking us. They saw a Fruit ‘D’ Van  used in the 1950 – 1960’s these were used to transport fruit, a  class 20 diesel locomotive used…

Friends together Tebay and Orton

The children were invited by Families Together Tebay and Orton to grow some seeds in school. The plants that grew were then planted into the planter opposite the Cross Keys with help from Mr and Mrs Jenkin and Mrs Huddleston and Joy. There are 6 planters around the village, all with the same message ‘New…