Aims of our curriculum:

  • Develop lifelong skills which drive a love of learning/thirst for knowledge
  • Grow an understanding of ourselves, each other, the world and our place in it
  • Nurture curiosity and creativity that feed the imagination
  • Cultivate aspiration through motivation, excitement and self-belief
  • Instil Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

Principles of our curriculum:

In line with mastery learning, we will focus on depth in every subject area so that pupils can attain proficiency and study the curriculum with confidence. Teach pupils Personal Learning and Thinking Skills so that they become successful and motivated learners, confident and responsible citizens. Develop and nurture collaborative learning so that pupils develop social skills. Endorse high-quality project-based learning so that pupils are motivated by real purposes and real audiences from which high-quality learning is produced. Promote feedback which allows pupils time to engage, reflect and review – including peer and self-evaluation so that they are capable of improving their own learning. Ensure oracy is at the heart of the curriculum so that our pupils are able to express themselves fluently, grammatically and confidently. Develop social and emotional learning so that our pupils are self-aware, foster positive relationships and achieve personal well-being. Participate in the arts so that our pupils develop artistically and creatively. Provide an experience rich curriculum so that all pupils can pursue personal interests and talents. Digital technology is used effectively and creatively so that pupils are digitally fluent and equipped for life. Enable our pupils to demonstrate learning in different ways, not always pages in an exercise book but photographs, posters, products presentations and performances. Foster a growth mindset in our pupils so that they have the strength of character to persevere.


At Tebay Primary School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is created from a variety of sources based on The National Curriculum. It is the school belief that ‘Children come first’ therefore our curriculum needs to be vibrant, stimulating, engaging, exciting and most of all make learning fun. From this ethos, our pupils leave Tebay Primary School with rich knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in the next phase of their learning adventure.


We use The National Curriculum to support the planning and teaching of Mathematics and English. Please click on the link below to see subject specific descriptors:


CET Curriculum

Tebay School has developed a bespoke curriculum using the national curriculum as a starting point. It is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum on a rolling cycle taking into account mixed age classes.

The long-term Plans for the academic year 2017/18 are attached for both classes. This long-term plan ensures that the curriculum offer is exciting, broad and balanced.

From these documents, teachers are able to plan, deliver and assess all learning skills to ensure learning is matched for need.

To ensure the children have the opportunity to ‘Be the Best they can Be’ and develop skills to become lifelong learners, we promote the use of the three R’s – Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

To support the teaching and planning of RE, we use Focus Education RE which is an enquiry/ question-based approach to Religious Education for primary children of all ages. Through the enquiry based approach, children not only gain knowledge and understanding of a variety of world religions but also develop an understanding of how beliefs impact daily lives.

Spanish is delivered in Key stage 2 and is based on the National Curriculum Guidance for Foreign Languages.

Here at Tebay, our pupils love Physical Education. As well as teaching PE in house, we also have strong PE links with The Eden Sports cluster. We take the opportunity to participate in many sports festivals and tournaments hosted locally throughout the year.

Our pupils enjoy the learning here at Tebay, we hope that this brief overview gives you a flavour of the learning culture here, please feel free to come and have a look for yourself. We welcome visitors to our school, so if you would like to book a visit, you can find the contact details on the ‘About Us’ tab at the top of our website.


View our Long Term Curriculum Plans here:

Long Term Curriculum Plans


Foundation Long Term Plan KS2 172.06 KB 78 downloads


KS1 Long Term Plan Sept 2017 167.22 KB 88 downloads


Long Term Plan Year A 230.84 KB 111 downloads


Long Term Plan Year B 220.34 KB 69 downloads


Long Term Plan Year C 221.58 KB 70 downloads